Mexican Show Band
     In The Song "Ciega Sordo Muda"

Hermanos Mora Arriaga Show Band is a VERY  talented * 6 (Six) brothers and sisters * High Energy Mexican Show Band. Each play between 5 to 7 musical instruments with EXCELLENT choreography. They specialize in Conventions * Festivals * Cruise Ships * Universities * in the United States, Europe & Asia.


El Show De Los Hermanos Mora Arriaga esta formado por EXCELENTES Musicos * 6 (Seis) hermanos y hermanas * Cada uno toca entre 5 y 7 instrumentos musicales y se especializan en: Convenciones * Festivales * Cruceros * Universidades * Por todo Estados Unidos, Europa & Asia y destacan por su Gran Energia y Excelente Coreografia.





  Hermanos Mora Arriaga  * INTRODUCTORY  Show Rates / Precios:


As we mention before this is a High Energy Mexican 6 piece Band! with an amazing Showmanship (NOT like your typical tedious, dull bands in ALL your GOOGLE search) 


NO encontraras en TODA tu busqueda de GOOGLE ningun grupo con tanta energia y talento!


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You and your guests will be VERY pleased.


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Hermanos Mora Arriaga!


"Mexican Music Made Awesome"























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 Are your guests Italian? German? Jewish? Hermanos Mora Arriaga CAN play music from ANY                              country with a cool Mexican Style!! SURPRIZE YOUR GUESTS!!