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Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach

"My heart can not describe the talent this family possesses nor the warmth they radiate to their audience. Their instruments feel more like a section of their culture and soul than an object for entertainment. I had the privilege of working with Hermanos Mora Arriaga on the film Chateau Vato, and the experience was one the crew, and I will never forget! The zest they brought to our MOVIE brought our production value to new heights, and now we are ready to tackle the festival market. A million thanks for their efforts and a million successes to your future! You have gained 40 new FILM crew fans and much much WAY more to come once it's on NETFLIX!"


Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
"Their talent, versatility and professionalism 
have kept Hemanos Mora Arriaga Show Band throughout the years as a "Solid Musical Institution!"
Ana Lourdes.
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach

"Five stars are NOT enough. In all sincerity, I had my reservations about booking a mariachi band. However, MAN!! was I wrong. They are not a mariachi band, they are mariachi ROCKSTARS their show was fantastic!!! (just found out they perform every year for Demi Moore in a Private Island in Turks & Caicos) They are masters at their craft and it shows!!! Mexican music is not my genre., however, three minutes into their Show I was "howling and cheering!" The group consists of brothers and sisters who couldn't possibly be more harmonic (reminded me to "Boyz to Men) Not to mention how their modern interpretation of traditional Mexican music transcends generations. Their interactive show and positive energy made the night memorable and were the topic of conversation for days and days!! The fact that I'm writing a review says it all. I'd give Hermanos Mora Arriagas 10 stars if possible. I highly recommend them. Remember to have a bottle of Tequila on hand for toasting. Cheers!

Nelson F.

Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach

"My daughter is a fan of the series "Game of Thrones" and they play the theme song and it was incredibly FANTASTIC!"

Javier P.

P.S. By the way, I love them in the MOVIE with Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith

Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
"Hermanos Mora Arriaga! it has to be one of the most diverse Mexican Show Bands you will ever see! from traditional standards to the ROLLING STONES & QUEEN!" one of the trumpet players even does a Louis Armstrong impression. I LOVE these guys!"
Cesar Gracia.

"One of the most important and talented groups in the world and who has worked with the most important celebrities. Han trabajado con las celebridades más importantes. Definitivamente Hermanos Mora Arriaga es una de las familias más talentosas e importantes del mundo de la música! Son Los MEJORES! Stevie Wonder, Gloria & Emilio Estefan. Beyonce, Shakira, Placido Domingo, Tigres Del Norte, Juan Gabriel! Should I mention More?"

Eduardo Ortiz.

Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach

We loved the Mora Arriagas!! They were phenomenal musically 
playing Mexican classics with deep feeling and virtuosity!!!
Christopher Rickerd.

"Absolutely incredible! nearly 3 months after the wedding, we are still receiving many compliments from our guests about how fantastic, talented and energetic they were! I LOVE their harmonies!!! Massive thank you Hermanos Mora Arriaga!"
Rachel Lopez.
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
They truly offer something so unique and so authentic. 
I can GUARANTEE!!!! there is NO one else like Hermanos Mora 
Melissa Wilson.

Totally exceeding our expectations! 
The event was our daughter and a friend's Mexican themed birthday party. We were under strict orders of 'No Mariachi Band". 
Well, of course, they were thinking of a typical strolling threesome and how it may drag on and on and on and on...  After a good bit of research and some recommendations, we were introduced to Hermanos Mora Arriaga and SO glad we were.  Hermanos Mora Arriaga is non-stop energy with multiple instruments and great crowd interaction. They had everyone dancing and singing from start to finish. In the end, our daughter was over the moon and said the band made the evening.....of course! Tete was our contact and very easy to work with. Turns out she is even more accomplished as the free sticking AMAZING drummer!

Sombrero's off to Hermanos Mora Arriaga!!! Looking forward to the next time!"

Bill K.

Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
     Mexican Show Band
     In The Song "Ciega Sordo Muda"
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach

Hermanos Mora Arriaga Show Band is a VERY  talented * 6 (Six) brothers and sisters * High Energy Mexican Show Band. Each play between 5 to 7 musical instruments with EXCELLENT choreography. They specialize in Conventions * Festivals * Cruise Ships * Universities * in the United States, Europe & Asia.


El Show De Los Hermanos Mora Arriaga esta formado por EXCELENTES Musicos * 6 (Seis) hermanos y hermanas * Cada uno toca entre 5 y 7 instrumentos musicales y se especializan en: Convenciones * Festivales * Cruceros * Universidades * Por todo Estados Unidos, Europa & Asia y destacan por su Gran Energia y Excelente Coreografia.





  Hermanos Mora Arriaga  * INTRODUCTORY  Show Rates / Precios:
ALL options include 6 musicians to achieve a FULL MARIACHI sound (NOT a "TRIO" sound) ALSO to ENSURE the sound quality it's SUPERB!
TODAS las opciones incluyen 6 Musicos
para asegurar que se ESCUCHE como MARIACHI (NO como un "TRIO") 
y ASEGURARA que la calidad de sonido sea GRANDE Y EXPECTACULAR!




  • 2 Piece Small Drumset (snare and cymbal)

  • Only Acoustic Mariachi Instruments (6 Musicians)


Introductory Rate: 3 Songs Show = 785 (regular rate 1,885)


Introductory Rate: 15 Minute Show = 885 (regular rate 2,385)

Introductory Rate: 20 Minute Show = 985 (regular rate 2,985)

Introductory Rate: 30 Minute Show = 1,085 (regular rate 3,385)

Introductory Rate: 40 Minute Show = 1,185 (regular rate 3,985)


Introductory Rate: 60 Minute Show = 1,285 (regular rate 4,385)




  • Drumset + Symphonic Timpany (so we can perform an amazing HI ENERGY drum solo)

  • Acoustic Mariachi Instruments (6 Musicians)

  • Mexican Wood Xylophone "Marimba" 

  • Electric Bass (the song "TEQUILA" sounds amazing with electric Bass)

  • Electric Guitar(the song "LA BAMBA" sounds amazing with electric Guitar)

  • In addition, we can perform music from ALL Latin America NOT only Mariachi Music

  • Small BONGOS (Desi Arnaz type)

  • Big BONGOS (Desi Arnaz type)


Introductory Rate: 3 Songs Show = 985 (regular rate 1,985)


Introductory Rate: 15 Minute Show = 1185 (regular rate 2,585)


Introductory Rate: 20 Minute Show = 1,385 (regular rate 3,585)


Introductory Rate: 30 Minute Show = 1,585 (regular rate 4,585)


Introductory Rate: 40 Minute Show = 1,785 (regular rate 5,585)


Introductory Rate: 50 Minute Show = 1,985 (regular rate 6,585)


Introductory Rate: 60 Minute Show = 2,185 (regular rate 7,585)

* Para precios fuera de Miami o fuera de Estados Unidos o Europa escribir a: Info@HermanosMoraArriaga.Com.


* For rates outside Miami or Outside the United States or Europe please contact our main headquarters at: info@HermanosMoraArriaga.Com


As we mention before this is a High Energy Mexican 6 piece Band! with an amazing Showmanship (NOT like your typical tedious, dull bands in ALL your GOOGLE search) 


NO encontraras en TODA tu busqueda de GOOGLE ningun grupo con tanta energia y talento!


Todavia indeciso en contratar? No confias en nuestras palabras?


lee MAS comentarios de FIELES FANS Y CLIENTES!


haga clic en el enlace de abajo! SEE REVIEWS BELOW!


You and your guests will be VERY pleased.


Don't Trust Our Words? .......


These are are only some of our clients! estos son algunos de nuestros clientes!



Sounds too good to be true? See VIDEOS for yourself!



Hermanos Mora Arriaga!

"Mexican Music Made Awesome"











Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach

Comunicate Con Una De Nuestras 4 Coordinadoras!!! 

Talk To One Of Our 4 Coordinators!!!

TEXT Or WhatsApp TOO!




Are Your Guests From Other Country? Surprise Them!

Upon Special Request: Hermanos Mora Arriaga play music from Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Jewish, French, Japan! JUST to name a few ALL with a cool and spectacular Mexican Twist!

Tus Invitados Son De Otro Pais? Sorprendelos!

Previa Solicitud Especial: Hermanos Mora Arriaga tambien tocan musica de Alemania, Italia, Rusia, España, Judia, Francia, Japonesa SOLO por nombrar algunos paises! con un toque/twist de estilo Mexicano Expectacular!

Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
Mariachi Bands in Miami Beach
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